For the majority of affiliates, using our main landing page (fatburningfurnace.com) will provide the highest conversions and sales as it is highly optimized for both affiliate mailing list traffic and "blind" traffic from PPC, SEO or other cold traffic. 

But many experienced affiliate marketers can get even better results promoting FBF by first using their own well crafted pre-sell pages (on their own website, blog, or in their newsletters) and then taking the prospect directly to a certain page within fatburningfurnace.com, rather than on the main landing page.

For example, after pre-selling their prospects properly, it can make sense to send them to our "Reader Quotes" page to really close the sale strong without having them read through the main sales page since they've already pre-sold them.

In addition, some affiliates find higher conversions by sending their traffic to an affiliate offer WITHOUT a sign up box that floats in after a few seconds (as ours does).

So, with your increased conversions and commissions in mind...

Here's how to create your custom affiliate hoplinks to send traffic to the landing page of your choice:

Simply add a page ID (?pid=xxx) to the end of your regular fbf affiliate hoplink as follows:


(you would simply enter the page ID of your choice in the "xxx" in the link above)

NOTE: You can still use the Clickbank Tracking ID's (TID) with this link format.  Simply add '&' plus the 'tid=xxx' to the end of the link like this:


Here are the current optional landing pages available to all FBF affiliates (in link format):

0. FBF Home Page WITHOUT Article Links, Sign Up Box Or Exit Chat (Perfect For PPC)


1. FBF Order Page


2. FBF Success Stories (Testimonials) Page


3. FBF FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page


4. FBF Free Booklet/Body Fat Analysis/Newsletter Page


5. FBF Home Page WITHOUT Article Links Or Sign Up Box (Default Affiliate Page)


6. FBF Page 1 (Why Am I Fat?)


7. FBF Page 2 (Lose 26 Pounds Of Fat In 7 Weeks)


8. FBF Page 3 (15 Minute Miracle Burns Fat For 3 Days)


9. FBF Page 4 (10,000 Customers Can't Be Wrong)


201. FBF Page 5 (Turn On Your Fat Burning Furnace)


PPC CONVERSION TRACKING: If you're doing PPC to promote FBF, CONVERSION TRACKING IS A MUST, because without it, you will be flying blind, not knowing where your conversions are coming from so you can focus in getting more traffic from those places.

Now, we recommend using the Clickbank Tracking IDs, as these are the best way to accurately track your conversions, but you may also want to use the PPC network's tracking code as well.  For instance if you are a Google Adwords advertiser, you can use the Adwords conversion tracking so you can monitor your FBF conversions right from your Adwords account.

If you'd like to use your PPC network's conversion tracking with FBF, just email us at affiliates(at)zerotoherofitness.com (replace the (at) with @), and we'll get you set up...OK?  Great!

Here are even more alternate landing page options for you:

A great way to "warm-up" cold traffic or even your own mailing list/blog or forum posts is to send prospects directly to a good article of mine.  Not only will a good article warm up the prospect and lead to more sales, but it will make you look like a hero for giving them such great content.

Here are the current optional landing article pages available to all FBF affiliates (in link format):

1.  The Mass Confusion That Dominates In Fat Loss & Fitness Today


2.  Are You Caught Up In A Cycle Of Fat Loss & Fitness Confusion?


3.  How To Triple Your Fat Burning Workout Results


4.  The Best Way To Fire Up Your Metabolism, Burn Fat Fast & Developing Lasting Health


5.  3 Vital Principles You Must Know To Burn Fat Faster


6.  Is Your Fat Burning Exercise Routine Keeping You Fat And Unhealthy?


7.  Get A Great Fat Burning Workout Wherever You Are, Anytime


8.  Can Stepping On A Treadmill Can Lead To Sickness, Injury Or Fat Burning Disaster?


9.  Two Magical Substances That Allow You To Burn Fat Faster & Create Lasting Health


10.  A Simple Change In Mindset Will Burn More Fat Fast


11.  How To Properly Judge Your Fat Loss Progress


12.  Rest, Sleep, And Burn More Fat Fast


13.  Why You Should “Just Say No” To Diets To Burn Fat (Part 1)


14.  Why You Should “Just Say No” To Diets To Burn Fat (Part 2)


15.  Are You Destined For 8 Years Of Poor Health & Misery?


Used properly,  this optional landing page feature will help you get higher conversions and more affiliate commissions from Fat Burning Furnace. Remember, if you're not familiar with creating your own pre-sell pages, it's best to stick with sending traffic to the main FBF page with your regular affiliate hoplink.


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